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Cupcakes, It’s What’s For Breakfast

4 Nov

I discovered a cupcake the other weekend that would be sure to brighten any morning!  There’s no shame to eating cupcakes before noon, right?  Cupcakes are like donuts (small cake + frosting), and donuts seem to really have made a name for themselves in the breakfast department.  So I’m thinking a cupcake for breakfast every once in a while shouldn’t be frowned upon?  If you’re up for it, I’ve got just the cupcake for you – the French Toast cupcake at Smallcakes Cupcakery.

Smallcakes started in Kansas City, but opened an Atlanta location this September.  If you’re a fan of the Food Network’s show “Cupcake Wars”, maybe you saw the episode with Smallcakes owner Jeff Martin as a contestant.  Once I got wind of that little factoid, I was all geared up to go meet Jeff and hear all about the wonderful world of Food Network!  And Candace Nelson.  I sooooo want to sit next to Candace Nelson at the judges’ table and eat cupcakes and smile.

Smallcakes - Buckhead's Newest Cupcakery

Well, it just wasn’t in the cards for me to meet (and squeeze info from) Jeff that sunny Sunday.  My consolation though – a free cupcake!  It pays to follow Smallcakes’ twitter and facebook pages.  Freebies to be found!  My other consolation – the French Toast cupcake!  It’s exactly how you would imagine comforting, cinnamon-y french toast in cupcake form.  Fresh, spongy (we gotta think of a better adjective for spongy!) cake filled with cream and topped with a cinnamon buttercream / cream cheese hybrid.  Go, folks.  Get their French Toast cupcake (call first to make sure it’s available that day) and start your day with a frosting-induced smile.  Just a heads-up, they open at 10am…maybe eat a little fruit or cereal beforehand to tide you over.

Aside for the commendable moist cake, I’m sorry to say the rest of our cupcake loot – the Peanut Butter Cup, the Fudge Sundae, and the Vanilla-n-Chocolate – was kind of forgettable.  The French Toast cupcake’s deliciousness could, however, have Top 10 potential.

Let’s bring on the break down now, shall we?!

Smallcakes / 2955 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA location / other locations include Overland Park KS ~ Olathe, KS ~ Lee’s Summit, MS / www.smallcakescupcakery.com

1. Price: $3

2. Room temperature:  Yes

3.  Size:  Standard

4. Cake to Frosting Ratio: Socially acceptable

5. Vegan or gluten-free options: No…bummer

6. To-go packaging: Standard box with cupcake dividers inside and logo sticker on top

7. Milk for sale?:  Negative on the milk.  Affirmative on the bottles of Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero

8.  Other treats for non-cupcake enthusiasts you may have in tow: The only edible treats are the cupcakes.  T-shirts and water bottles are available for purchase, but those seemed to be emitting cupcake enthusiasm.  Oh well…

9.  Ambiance: This was kind of a let down, like something was missing.  Or a bunch of things.  There wasn’t any where to sit, which I’m thinking hinders the whole “Welcome!” vibe.  There’s a long counter along the window that you can stand and eat your cupcakes at.  But again, I just wasn’t getting that “Yay, you’re here! Stay a while!” message.  The cupcake counter, the main attraction, was kind of sad in its slenderness.  While the cupcakes were very attractive, they only displayed one of each variety and the rest were herded away from us on the bakers rack behind the counter.  Can you tell I’m hungry as I write this?  Which means I’m grumpy, and maybe a little too honest.  But I want to give Smallcakes (ATL) the benefit of the doubt since they had just opened this location, and say that they’re in the process of implementing cozy seating, mood music, cheery decor…

10. Service: Socially acceptable

11.  Three words to describe the Smallcakes experience:

1) Uneventful 2)  Sparse 3) FrenchToast (can we still count that as one word?)

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A Sprinkle In My Eye

14 Apr

Steve and I are headed back to DC this weekend to visit family, which I’m very excited about!  I was also very excited…and a little short of breath…to see that Sprinkles Cupcakes has now opened a location in Georgetown!  Sprinkles, the Sprinkles.  A cupcakery pioneer!   ‘Cause according to their website, Sprinkles is “the world’s first cupcake bakery”.  I mean, if I was to consider myself a true cupcake crusader I should have been to Sprinkles years ago.  Alas, its west coast origins landed Sprinkles on my “ho-hum, some sweet day”-list… a sprinkle in my eye, if you will.

It all started in California (Beverly Hills to be exact), but has now stretched across the country to places like Chicago, Dallas, Scottsdale, and (ta da!) Washington, DC.   I can do DC!   Cue the elation, anticipation, and frantic OMG “we have got to go” message to Steve.  Another reason why visiting this establishment is so monumental – the founder, Candace Nelson, is a regular judge on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars”.  And ooh, how I love that show and have formed some serious pipe dreams of one day being a guest judge myself.  So now I’m daydreaming about our visit to Sprinkles this weekend.  If you have a few extra minutes to spare and fancy reading the details of said daydream (in attempted longest-run-on-sentence form),  just scroll on down!

My sights are set on Sprinkles, folks!  Stay tuned –  I will jubilantly post my review soon.

My Sprinkles Daydream, by Jeanne:

We get to Georgetown where it’s sunny and 70 degrees and find on-street parking right in front on Sprinkles and our meter has a full hour left on it and then we enter the cupcakery and it smells amazing and Candace Nelson herself is there to greet us with heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth mini cupcake samples and she’s super nice and asks us what brings us to her store and when she finds out about Cupcake Crusade she’s really intrigued and asks me to contact her people and then her people ask my people (aka me) to come out to California and I get a behind-the-scenes-of-Sprinkles-type tour and eat cupcakes for breakfast/lunch/and dinner and actually feel healthier than ever and then they ask me to be a guest judge on Cupcake Wars which goes really well so they ask to sponsor a cross-country Cupcake Crusade tour where Steve and I spend a year travelling all across the country eating awesome cupcakes and meeting awesome people all of which is documented in a tv series so that we can share the experience with everyone and then maybe a book will follow and then…I think that’s good – the end!