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Grocery Store Cupcakes Need Love, Too.

31 Aug

And a particular cupcake at Wegmans has captured my heart.   For my birthday weekend, my husband surprised me with three cupcakes from this wunderkind of a grocery store.  I know Wegmans is it quite large (I favor cozy) and most often found in far & distant suburbs (not usually a fan of driving 20-30 minutes to grocery shop), but it really is a spectacular grocery store.  It’s like the grocery store equivalent of Busch Gardens. 

On Monday, Steve and I sat down  and feasted on these cupcakes.  The very first thing you notice about Wegmans’ cupcakes is the icing technique.  This was a new style that I’d never seen before…like little, individual mountain peaks covering the entire cupcake top.  After taking note of this and appreciating the overall cupcake decor, we dug in!  The “meal” consisted of a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing, a vanilla cupcake with peach raspberry icing, and (the unanimous favorite!) a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting.  This last one was YUMmy!  I might be drooling a wee bit just thinking about it.  The icing was heavenly, and the cake was very chocolatey.  The icing/cake ratio was right on.

 Since I didn’t buy these, the break down may be lacking in some areas.  I’ll give my best and then get Steve to fill in the holes.  Here we go! 

Wegmans / 11620 Monument Drive, Fairfax, VA / 

  1. Price:  $2 – that’s a deal!

 2. Room temperature:  These are kept at room temperature at the store, but should be refrigerated if you don’t plan to eat them that day (if you do hold off, I really admire your self-control!).  

3.  Size:  These cupcakes were a bit above average…let’s say they’re plump sized. 

4. Vegan or gluten free options:  I couldn’t get a final answer on this one.  Next time I’m at Wegmans I’ll be sure to investigate.

5. To-go packaging:  These were sent home in a plastic clam shell with dividers so it was sturdy cargo.   Don’t forget to recycle! 

 6. Milk for sale?:  Absolutely!  Any beverage your heart’s desire is on location.

 7.  Other treats for non-cupcake enthusiasts you may have in tow:   Craving Chinese food, pizza, or lasagna?  Their prepared food section is impressive.  Then there’s the sushi bar where you can hop on a bar stool and enjoy fresh sushi and some sake.  You can find just about everything here.

8.  Ambiance:   The ambiance at Wegmans is very different from other grocery stores.  The lighting is less flouresent and quite pleasing actually.  I’m thinking they might have a lighting designer on staff.  The aisles are much wider.  Pleasing wood accents abound.  There’s variety around every corner, each department has it’s own unique appeal.  The cupcakes can be found in the “patisserie” department.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood of a Wegmans it is definitely worth visiting!

9. Service: Steve said “Good.  She was a nice lady.”

Final Verdict:  I really loved that chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting!  And it was consumed two days after purchasing, so imagine how even more fantastic it would be on the day of.  This guy definitely places on the “Top 10”, landing in the #5 spot.

(I did some extra rearranging of the Top 10, realizing my favorites at Curbside Cupakes were deserving of the #4 spot!)