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Fancy Mall Cupcakes

29 Jan

This past Sunday, the husband and I set out for Lenox Cupcakes.  I knew it was in Buckhead, on Peachtree Street, in a mall.  You’d think it’d be in Lenox Square mall but then you’d be wrong…just like we were.  Standing in front of the Lenox Square directory, not seeing “Lenox Cupcakes” on the map, I winced.  But Steve handled my oversight quite well.  We got back in the car and drove the 0.3 miles over to Phipps Plaza.  At least we weren’t that far off 🙂

Phipps Plaza is kind of fancy, folks!  It has a Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany & Co, etc.  Here some interesting scoop I came across…

~Phipps Plaza was named a “Southern Best” in Southern Living magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

~It opened as Atlanta’s first multi-level mall in 1969 (with Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor as the original anchors).

~Celebs like Usher, Elton John, and Janet Jackson have been spotted here.

Stroll down the “spacious promenades” and through the “grand interior courts” (, up to the second floor and you’ll find Lenox Cupcakes (just outside of Belk)! 

When we arrived, there were 11 flavors to choose from in their cupcake counter/case.  And I must say, these cupcakes were beautiful!  The icing technique on each one was impeccable.  Have you ever known a woman whose hair is always perfectly coiffed and makeup to the nines always perfectly applied?  That’s what these cupcakes make me think of.

After about 10 minutes, we finally decided on the following three cupcakes:

~Sunny Lemon: Lemon cupcake with “zesty lemony” buttercream

~Carrot Cake: Carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting

~PB Chocolate: Valrhona dark chocolate cupcake w/peanut butter frosting and chocolate fudge drizzle.

We got ours to go and enjoyed the feasting at home.  Here’s a quick summary: 

~Lenox does not skimp on frosting!  If anything, and I can’t believe I’m about to say something like this….but, I think there was too much frosting!   There was actually frosting left on my plate, which usually never happens.  Plus, the frosting is sweeeeee-eeeet!  Almost like eating a spoonful of straight up powdered sugar.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all this like it’s a bad thing ’cause some people like their frosting super sweet and an unbalanced frosting/cake ratio. 

The Sunny Lemon wasn’t all that “zesty”.  It was the most tame zesty I’ve ever had.  I personally like my lemon cupcakes to be on the light and fluffy side (as well as zesty), and this one is pretty dense.  Dense cake and thick frosting.

~The carrot cake was yummy.  A good amount of raisins throughout the spongy cake, and a sweet cream cheese frosting.

~The PB Chocolate was ok.  Again, kind of heavy.  Not overly peanut buttery.

That’s all I got!  Let’s break it down now…

Lenox Cupcakes / Phipps Plaza – 3500 Peachtree Rd. Atlanta, GA /

  1. Price:  $2.75 each / $15 half dozen / $28 dozen

2. Room temperature:  Affirmative

3.  Size:  Standard

4. Vegan or gluten-free options:   None to be found on the (online) menu.

5. To-go packaging:  Individual, white cardboard boxes.  Cute logo sticker on top.

6. Milk for sale?:   Negative.  Bottles of water, Coke, and Diet Coke were on hand though.

7.  Other treats for non-cupcake enthusiasts you may have in tow:   Well, if the non-cupcake enthusiasts you have in tow happen to like cupcake-themed merchandise, then you guys are in luck!  One side of the store is kind of like a gift shop where you can find things like cupcake shaped bath fizzes, t-shirts, fancy cupcake wrappers, candles, cupcake containers, etc.

8.  Ambiance:  This one is tricky to describe.  It’s cute – with their pretty pink and brown boxes piled here and there; cupcakes stands and towers scattered about; warm, hardwood floors; and dry stacked stone veneer walls.   I’m not sure if it was the lighting, the stone veneer walls, the windows you couldn’t see through or what, but I kind of felt like I was on a movie set.  Like in Pleasantville or Truman Show.  Maybe if they had some music playing, experimented with the lighting a bit, scattered some fresh flowers or plants it would eliminate that sensation (for me, at least).  They do have a small table to sit at if you wanted to eat your cupcakes right away.

9. Service:  Very pleasant. Informative and patient staff.  Clean and tidy space.  BONUS points for samples on hand, gotta love those!

In summary, we didn’t find a Top 10 candidate here.  BUT! If you have a special event coming up and want some pretty desserts to wow and serve your guests, I would say Lenox Cupcakes fits the bill.  Plus, they have mini cupcakes on the menu and those are always fun for parties, too!

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