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And, we’re back! In Maryland.

9 Jul

I know I said I’d limit my post to once a week, but that seemed like a long time to go without cupcakes.  I may have to re-evaluate my plan.  Hmmm….

Today, Chevy Chase was on my way home from work so I was excited to make a pit stop at Frosting, a Cupcakery.  This little gem of a “cupcake boutique” is located in downtown Chevy Chase, MD.  If you’ve never been to Chevy Chase, it’s pretty swank.  There’s a Neiman Marcus on one corner, Saks Fifth Avenue on another, and a Cartier in between.  High falutin’ stuff.   

I highly recommend taking the metro to get here.  Hop on the red line to Friendship Heights and take the Western Ave/Military Rd. exit.  Frosting is right by this exit, at 1 Wisconsin Circle.  Another reason to take the metro – you have to pay to park.  Granted it was only $1 for 1 hour (with validation!), but with evening traffic this place wasn’t too easy to run in and run out.  Anyway!  On to the good stuff! 

The actual shop is super cute.  Another pretty blue and white color scheme, (with punches of hot pink sprinkled about), and whimsical details here and there.  I do love whimsy (and that crystal chandelier they had hanging in the window)! 

I probably got to Frosting around 5 pm, and given that they close at 7 pm on Thursday, there was still a good lot on display.  After reading the neat little description cards next to each flavor, twice, I chose 3 cupcakes – the ‘nilla ‘nilla (vanilla buttercream on vanilla cake), the happy (chocolate fudge frosting on vanilla cake), and daddy’s joy (chocolate cake with almond coconut buttercream).  I wonder if I could ever go into a cupcakery and just pick ONE cupcake?  


With the pretty decor, and then all the pretty cupcakes, I was kind of in a daze (in a good way).  I finally pulled myself out of the shop and made my way home.  Again, I refrained from eating my latest catch so the hubby could taste and weigh in.   My verdict:  A for presentation, for sure.  The ‘nilla ‘nilla was great.  Love that you could really taste the vanilla.  It had some seriously sweet buttercream, though.  Same for the daddy’s joy -whew, that’s was sweet, too!  But great cocoa flavor in the cake and wonderful kick of almond in the frosting.  I couldn’t finish the daddy’s joy because of the sweetness, which kind of surprised me (’cause I claim to have a mega sweet tooth).  This would be a good one to share.  The happy lived up to its name.  Colorful confetti-like sprinkles on top of a generous pile of frosting.  Who wouldn’t be happy with that in their hands??  This one tasted a lot like Duncan Hines frosting to me.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  My husband said good.  He likes Duncan Hines.  Sure Duncan Hines is good, but I’m not sure it’s cupcake boutique good?  These cupcakes were his favorite so far on my journey.  For me, I loved the experience of it all but the actual eating of the cupcakes didn’t make me melt.  So, I march onward!

Here’s the breakdown:

Frosting, a Cupcakery / Chevy Chase, MD/

1. Price:  $2.75 (this was a nice surprise for me.  Given the area, I was expecting higher. But I’m not complaining!) 

2. Room temperature:  Yup. 

3. Vegan or gluten free options:  I saw two gluten free flavors available and they looked yummy. 

4. To-go packaging:  A nice box with lovely logo sticker on top, and the cupcake holders inside – awesome.

 5. Milk for sale?:  There wasn’t a fridge of drinks or anything, and Iwas in a bit of a daze to look over the menu thoroughly.  I know they serve illy coffee and espresso.  I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but have to say illy is quite tasty!

6.  Other treats for non-cupcake enthusiasts you may have in tow:   Maybe 2 or 3 cookies, and think I saw biscotti by the register, otherwise, Frosting lives up to it’s cupcakery name. 

7.  Ambiance:  Beautiful!!  Very clean.  Friendly staff.  Not a ton of seating inside.  The little window nook looked like the place to be.  Otherwise, you could take your sugar stash outside and sit at one of the few patio tables on site. 

Final verdict:  The ‘nilla ‘nilla makes it to the “Top 10”, at #5.

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