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Fluffy (after)Thoughts

22 Jun

This week, I’m trying brevity on for size!  Which is fitting for a review that I should’ve done two months ago…and didn’t take copious notes like a good cupcake crusader would, especially since my memory can be about as reliable as Cosmo’s horoscopes.  So, brevity it is!  Why do I feel like I’m already failing at this attempt?

When Steve and I traveled back to DC in April, a good family friend had dropped off a dozen cupcakes from Fluffy Thoughts Cakes (in McLean, VA) that were waiting for us upon our arrival.  Talk about a happy homecoming!  

I think it was about 11 PM when I first laid eyes on this feast of wonder, but that didn’t stop me from gettin’ piggy with it –  I will eat cupcakes at all hours of the day (I’m a copious cupcake crusader in that sense)!  But after that is where my memory gets kind of fuzzy.  I can say that Fluffy Thoughts’ cupcakes sure were pretty! ~ tasted fresh ~ were on the denser side of the spectrum ~ some were filled (filled cupcakes are where it’s at!) ~ and had good frosting to cake ratio.  The whole family enjoyed that box of goodness over the course of the weekend (thank you, D)!

Later on that trip, Steve and I were passing through downtown McLean so we made a pit-stop at Fluffy Thoughts to take a  peak inside and snap some quick pix (forgive me, we only had Steve’s iPhone) .  From the outside, you’d never guess there was this glittery little confectionery boutique inside but there IS!  Custom cakes may be the headliner, but I still counted about 40 cupcake flavors on their online menu.

No Top Ten placer here, but I give mad props to Fluffy Thoughts for representing the cupcake scene in my home town…and representin’ well!

Even though it’s been a while, I’m going to try my best at breaking it down

Fluffy Thoughts Cakes / 1320 Old Chain Bridge Rd. McLean, VA /

1. Price: $2.50 for classic flavors, $3.00 for specialty flavors / minis! – $1.50

2. Room temperature:  Nope, they’re kept cold

3.  Size: Standard

4. Vegan or gluten-free options:  Gluten-free cupcakes are available on Fridays. They can also make an eggless cupcake if you fancy!

5. To-go packaging:  Our dozen cupcakes were packed up in this cool, jewel-toned blue box with dividers inside

6. Milk for sale?:  Not that I recall, but coffee is available

7.  Other treats for non-cupcake enthusiasts you may have in tow:  Aside from the custom cakes, they had some good lookin’ cookies for sale. Oh, and they have about 8 varieties of cheesecake cupcakes!  Maybe this is one kind of cupcake a non-cupcake enthusiast could come to love.  It’s worth a shot, right?

8.  Ambiance:  Despite it’s very business-like exterior, it’s a very pretty and cozy place inside.  But be aware that there is not an eating area – this is another dine-out cupcakery. 

9. Service:  Our friend, D, who purchased our treats will have to field this question.

Okay, I’m stopping now!  How’d I do on that whole brevity-front??  It’s not my strong suit, is it?  (picture Steve shaking his head woefully “no” at this moment).

Thank you, D, for such delicious and thoughtful surprise!!