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Edibles Incredible Lives Up To Its Name!

23 Oct

Over in the Reston Town Center, which is a fun mixed-use development, you’ll find all kinds of things to suit your fancy (I always enjoy Sephora, Anthropologie, and the ice skating rink in the winter).  They’ve got great dining too, even a chic gelato café, so I figured surely there is a cupcakery here!  Two friends had suggested checking out Edibles Incredible, which I’m now thinking is one of Reston’s best…actually a lot of people must be thinking this too, because they were voted Best Bakery, Best Kids Cakes, and Best Chocolate Shop in Northern Virginia Living Magazine (2009)! 

Once I arrived and expressed interest in the cupcakes, the woman working that day handed me their “cupcake menu” where the daily selections were highlighted in yellow.  The overall menu is quite impressive – about 30+ classic and creative flavors like Fluffernutter, Banana Cream Pie, and Tropical Breeze.  On the day of my visit, they probably had about 15 flavors to choose from.  I finally settled on the Black & White and the Strawberry Delight, and headed home to eat with my husband (even though he keeps telling me to stop bringing him cupcakes)!


The Black & White consisted of a chocolate pudding cake with butter cream frosting and chocolate sprinkles on top.  The cake was oh so moist, and had an excellent cake/frosting ratio.  The butter cream was light and fluffy, but not too sweet.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your sweet tooth level.  For me, a dash more sugar would have been ideal but no biggie.

The Strawberry Delight was comprised of a strawberry cake, a strawberry jam filling, and strawberry butter cream.  I do love strawberry jam (it tastes so good on so many things.  Did you know that strawberry jam is fantastic on chocolate chip cookies?!)!  Now, Steve on the other hand is not a strawberry jam fan.  In fact, he’s pretty much anti-jam.  No P&Js for him, just P.  After I cut the cupcake in half and the jam filling was revealed, he grimaced.  Being the good sport he is, he ate it anyway and we were both surprised by how much he liked it!  I did too, yum yum.  Neither the cake or butter cream were overly sweet so the jam filling plays well with the mix.  Hmmm, I think this would be really good for breakfast – what a way to start the day!

Cool feature – their gourmet desserts can be shipped nationwide!  In addition to wedding cakes, their specialties include dessert buffets!  I, for one, would like to attend more events that feature dessert buffets.  I’m just sayin’!

Let’s break it down now!

Edibles Incredible Desserts / Reston Town Center, 11917 Freedom Drive, Reston VA & Brambleton Town Center, 22855 Brambleton Plaza #103, Brambleton VA /

1. Price:  $3.75 and up.  These are on the pricier side of the spectrum, but they’re HUGE!  And they definitely are suitable for sharing .  Split it with someone and you’re looking at $2 per person.

2. Room temperature:  Depends.  Some flavors are in a cold case and others were on a baker’s rack behind the register.  Come to think of it, majority of the flavors were on the baker’s rack so your chances for a ready-to-eat cupcake are good! 

Cold Case

Baker's Rack






3.  Size: Jumbo!  These are pretty much on par with the Costco cupcakes.

4. Vegan or gluten free options:   There are a few gluten-free items on the menu to choose from (made with their “own proprietary blend of gluten-free flours”) and include Devil’s Food and Ginger Spice cupcakes, triple chocolate chip mint cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.

5. To-go packaging:  Interesting system they have at Edibles – each of my two cupcakes got their own Chinese take-out box.  To get the cupcake in/out – they put a long strip of wax paper underneath the cupcake, and then you pull up on the ends of the strip to lift the cupcake out of the box.  Never encountered this before, but got a kick out of the effective ingenuity.

6. Milk for sale?:  Umm…so,  I forgot to look again.  Darn!  I need an assistant! 

7.  Other treats for non-cupcake enthusiasts you may have in tow:   Oh my, yes!  Fudge, cookies, brownies, pies, cheesecake, pastries, and cakes…speaking of cakes, these looked amazing!   Some of the ones on display were humungous!  I would love to order one for a special occasion (about 25 flavors to choose from).  Their website says that they can do three-dimensional cakes, too.  I don’t think their trying to be the Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss of DC, but if you want a Maserati-shaped cake, they say they can do it!  A “special line” of ice cream is also available at the Brambleton location.

8.  Ambiance:   It’s a little small.  More of a fudge/candy shop atmosphere.  But at the Reston location, you’re really close to the outdoor fountain that has nice outdoor seating around it.

9. Service:  Very helpful!  She patiently helped me through my indecision and suggested the Strawberry Delight.  She steered me right, that’s for sure!

Final verdict:  Make room Top 10 list, the Strawberry Delight is moving in!

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