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CamiCakes Continued…

14 May

Last time on Cupcake Crusade, Jeanne the fearless cupcake-eater and her gallant companion Steve set out for new horizons!  We wanted to 1) take this mission to new heights by adding video and 2) try some well-acclaimed Atlantian cupcakes.   Once we arrived, encountered the masses of people, and the camera started rolling, I pretty much lost my “fearless” persona.  But, all in all – mission accomplished!  ( You can relive all the excitement here: )

Pre-visit, my online research led me to believe that CamiCakes is a top contender in the Atlanta’s best cupcakery debate.  Seeing the never-ending long line on the day of our visit (and actually, this was the busiest cupcakery I’ve been to Atlanta) validated that whole hunch.

While waiting in line (and sheepishly shooting some video footage), we spotted a menu on the wall with mouthwatering images of what CamiCakes had to offer.  (This came in handy since the long line blocked our view of the real-deal cupcakes.)

We picked out the following four cupcakes, took them outside to chow down, and jotted down these thoughts:

1) Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream (“classic chocolate cake topped with yummy peanut butter cream cheese frosting”) – the chocolate cake was so moist and fresh, it almost fell apart.  But boy, the flavor was good and the frosting was soft and fluffy.  Actually, the whole package was soft and fluffy – it made me want to just smush the whole thing in my mouth!

2) Chocolate Raspberry Almond Cream (“moist chocolate cake infused with raspberry puree, topped with cream cheese, toasted almonds and drizzled with raspberry puree”. Doesn’t that sound amazing! ) – this cake had the same crazy-moist thing going for it.  I didn’t notice much almond flavor, but the whole ensemble of chocolate, raspberry and cream cheese was bursting with make-your-mouth-happy flavor!  Heads- up: these cupcakes are no skinny minis and the cream cheese frosting makes it all quite filling.

3) Sweet Potato (“cinnamon and real sweet potato mixed in our yellow buttery cake and topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting”) – talk about bursting with flavor!  Our previously posted film footage showed me deeply inhaling the aroma of this bad boy, and Steve comments in the background that he could even smell it from across the table and behind the camera!  So, did it taste as good as it smelled?  Oh yea, it was a party in my mouth (is that expression overly used now?  Sorry if your answer is yes!) .  The flavors are very reminiscent of pumpkin pie, with a strong kick of cinnamon and I’m guessing nutmeg.  I loved this one and am contemplating a Top 10 spot for it.

4) Cotton Candy (Sorry I don’t have the official description!  I think because it’s a seasonal flavor, it doesn’t get a permanent spot on the online menu.  But let me try to sum it for ya…buttery yellow cake with two-toned pink and blue buttercream frosting) – both Steve and I thought this tasted like your standard vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.  (I felt bad for Steve because I think he was pretty jazzed about a cotton candy-flavored cupcake.)  Steve said it was still good, but for me it wasn’t especially memorable.

No shortage on frosting here

Another heads-up here – over half the cupcakes on CamiCakes’ menu have cream cheese frosting.  This general makes me frown, but Steve thinks cream cheese frosting rules.  Let’s take a vote!  Who’s right – me or Steve?? (post your vote as a comment below)

When all was said in done and smushed in my mouth, CamiCakes had two new fans under their belts.  Steve says it’s one of the best places we’ve been to in Georgia, and I may very well agree!

And now, we break. it. down

CamiCakes Cupcakes / Atlanta (Buckhead), GA ~ Atlanta (Vinings), GA ~ Jacksonville (Tinseltown), FL ~ Orange Park, FL /

1. Price:  $2.50 – give it up for an under $3 cupcake, woot woot! / $28 dozen

2. Room temperature:  Yes, oui, si, ja…that’s all I got.

3.  Size:  Not jumbo and not standard…I’d say pleasantly plump.

4. Vegan or gluten-free options:  No, non, no, neine…I’m out of languages, sorry to any Asian continent followers.

5. To-go packaging:  For our four cupcakes, we got a pretty pink cardboard box (with standard dividers inside) and a logo sticker to seal it up.  Individually purchased cupcakes went in a plastic clamshell (without the interior braces)…not a fan of those, but what can you do.

6. Milk for sale?:  Get this, they had pink milk for sale!  Well, technically it’s strawberry milk.  But I’ve been thinking that the cutely decorated cupcake boutiques (especially the ones with pink decor)  should serve pink milk ~ it’s a simple, yet fun and festive touch .  Anyway, they had that as well as organic milk, bottled water, sodas, ice tea, Tazo teas…

7.  Other treats for non-cupcake enthusiasts you may have in tow: See answer to #4.

8.  Ambiance:  It’s a little bubbly and a little Ikea hip.  There were a few barstools so as to sit up near the main counter-area; four indoor tables along the wall (with pretty pink bud vases and fresh flowers – another nice touch!), and 2 or 3 outdoor tables.  The predominant, long cupcake counter is where it’s at though! I don’t know if it was the endless line running through the middle of the store or because most people take their cupcakes and run these days, but not a single soul was taking advantage of the indoor seating. 

9. Service:  Warm and easy-going, which I think is awesome given two elements that would’ve had me all kinds of frazzled if I worked there.  1) the endless line, out the door!  and 2) the credit card machine being down, so it was cash only.

10.  Three words to describe the CamiCakes experience:

1)  neighborly 2) bustling

 3) mouthwatering

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