Break It Down

Here’s the “breakdown” – a list of criteria I will try my darndest to apply to each venue review.  You’ll most likely find it at the bottom of the review, after all my general ramblings.

1. Price: 

2. Room temperature:  This has become a significant issue in the cupcake quest.  You see, some establishments keep their treats in a cold case to preserve fresh ingredients and/or comply with health code regulations.  However, the chilled cupcakes taste best once they’ve sat out a few minutes.  Butter is at its prime at room temperature – it has more flavor, and softens the cake and frosting.  I don’t know about you, but I sure do love primed butter!

3.  Size:  Could range from mini, petite, standard, large, jumbo…

4. Vegan or gluten free options: 

5. To-go packaging:  Aside from being cute and functional, being mindful of the environment is also very important!

6. Milk for sale:  I think a lot of people really enjoy a cold glass of milk to wash down their baked goods, so having that option available is a plus.

7.  Other treats for non-cupcake enthusiasts you may have in tow:  

8.  Ambiance: 

9. Service:

10. Three words to describe the (insert cupcakery/bakery name here) experience:

Is there something I’m forgetting?  Send me a note!


16 Responses to “Break It Down”

  1. Colleen February 7, 2012 at 5:39 am #

    I’ve been in your blog all day! It’s 12:32 AM and I’m still in it. I appreciate all the time you’ve taken to review cupcakes and I have to go back to the drawing board in some areas before I open my coffee house in March, thanks to you (which is a very good thing).

    The way you describe places and cupcakes is very helpful to me and you have probably spared me from making quite a few mistakes. I never thought to serve milk. I’m not a milk drinker so that wasn’t even on the menu. It will be now!

    I’m mixed about the packaging though. Yes, I think it’s very pretty how cupcakes can be packaged, but I’m going to op out of fancy packaging. I want to keep my cupcakes under $2 and I can’t do that with the cost of fancy packaging. The way I look at it is people are going to throw out the packaging. It’s the contents they want. I’m hoping customers will appreciate the price more than the packaging!

    • jnbean February 9, 2012 at 12:14 am #

      Hi Colleen! I’m so glad the blog has been able to provide some helpful info! If you ever want to bounce ideas around or talk shop, feel free to contact me at – as you can tell, I LOVE this kind of stuff! Congratulations on opening up your new coffee house, I think it’s going to be wonderful. And offering cupcakes for under $2 will definitely be appreciated. In terms of packaging, I think functionality trumps form. If it’s cute too, that a bonus, but am usually thinking “safety first” 🙂 Best of luck to you! Hope I can come visit one of these days!


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