A Comedy of (cupcake crusade) Errors

22 May

Things just didn’t go as planned this weekend.  Steve and I were all gung-ho to go to La CupCakerie on Saturday –  armed with my Groupon and everything.  But when I checked their website the night before, I noticed this notice:  “We are under renovation, but still honoring ALL coupons!” Storefront opening soon!”.  Drat.  I really wanted to get the full, on-site experience so our trip to Cumming got nixed.   Back to the drawing board!  By Saturday afternoon, we were headed to Piece of Cake in Buckhead.  We pulled into the Piece of Cake parking lot around 4 pm.  The parking lot was empty…hmm.  Turns out Piece of Cake closes at 2 pm on Saturdays.  Drat, again!  Guess it would’ve been nice if I noticed that little piece of information when I checked their website for directions.  Steve I’m sure was thinking the exact same sentiment, as well as other things…

But fear not!  Cupcakes were eventually had this weekend.  We made it out to Sugar Shack in Atlanta today, and I’ll be posting that adventure soon.

P.S. We’re now on Twitter (and learning the ropes), come find us @cupcakecrusades!


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