Blanket Me in Cupcakes…Literally!

10 Mar

The other weekend, my husband surprised me by bringing home two cupcakes (which resulted in me dancing around like a little girl)!  They were having a craft fair/market at his workplace, and one of the vendors sold my beloved treat.  Sugar Drops Bakery is the name of their game, and from what I gather, it’s a home bakery located somewhere north of Atlanta (or as the locals would say, NTP – north of the perimeter).  I’m afraid I don’t have much more information (hence the unofficial “review” here), but what I do know is that these cupcakes were insanely SOFT!  So soft, I was literally petting the cake.  This discovery was made as I was preparing our feast – cutting each in half and putting them on plates.  I’ve never felt cake like this before, it felt like velour or something.  I want to gather up dozens of these and create the most delicious, sweet-smelling, cozy blanket ever!  The cupcake blanket, we’ll call it!  Genius, no?!  Except I’m not sure how durable that would be, or sanitary after a day or two…oh details, details!  But if Lady Gaga can fashion an entire outfit out of raw meat (seriously, that happened!), then patching together a cupcake blanket can surely be done too, right? 

I don’t think Steve appreciated me fondling his cupcake, so I did have to rein it in eventually.  Once I calmed down, we enjoyed our red velvet and key lime pie cupcakes.  Yummy homemade flavors and commendable frosting/cake ratio. I’m guessing the cake was part sponge cake, thus the light and airy (did I mention soft?) texture.  I love that kind of cake, it makes me happy!   As does the thought of climbing back in bed with my cupcake blanket…ahh, a girl can only dream!

If you’re interested in experiencing these insanely soft cupcakes yourself, you can try emailing or calling Sugar Drops Bakery (this information was listed on their business card) –

~Sugar Drops Bakery / (770)540-2510 /

If you do, let me know what you think!  And if you had visions of the great cupcake blanket, too 🙂


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