Cupcakes Man Up

1 Dec

Johnny Cupcakes Logo

Cupcakes aren’t ALL buttercream roses and pink sprinkles these days.  More and more we’re seeing the fun fad break away from a sugary sweet, girly treat.  Case and point – Butch Bakery.  They make “manly cupcakes.  For manly men.”  The New York-based bakery concocts 12 studly varieties, from Beer Run (chocolate beer cake with beer infused buttercream, topped with crushed pretzels) to the Driller (a maple cake with milk chocolate ganache and bacon topping).  To top it all off, literally – decorative chocolate discs with rugged graphics like camouflage, houndstooth, and plaid.

Also appealing to the fellas – For the Love of Cake and their 4 mancake flavors.  Their menu includes the Guinness Chocolate (Guinness beer-flavored chocolate cupcake, filled with Irish whiskey chocolate ganache, topped with cream cheese frosting and chocolate shavings), the Maple Bacon, the Black Forest, and the Stout Spice (orange zest and Guinness-flavored spice cake with a stout glaze).

Now during my cupcake crusading days, I would say I’ve seen equal amounts of girlie and unisex cupcakes.  But it sure will be interesting to see if more and more mancakes emerge onto the scene in the coming months.   Gentleman – would you say this world needs more macho cupcakes???


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