Thanksgiving Is Coming! Which Means Turkey Gravy Cranberry Cupcakes…No Joke.

15 Nov

Flipping through the November issue of InStyle magazine, I came across a little blurb on cupcakes (page 74 to be exact).   They were highlighting Yummy Cupcake’s Thanksgiving-themed cupcakes, which include flavors like Pumpkin Pie, Marshmallow Yam, Lime Jell-O, and the piece de resistance…Turkey Gravy Cranberry!  Why not also pick up a few of their Hot Chocolate and Apple Blue Cheese cupcakes while you’re there, then go buy a few cans of green beans, and call it a well-rounded meal.  This would call for a very memorable Thanksgiving dinner, I’m sure of it! 

I’m envious of those in the Burbank, Santa Monica and Brentwood, California areas, who can head over there to scope out these very curious flavors.  They also have something called “cupcake in a jar” and “frosting shots”, which appeal to me greatly.  If you do live in that vicinity and have the chance to check out Yummy Cupcakes, I’d love to hear about your experience!


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