Here we go!

28 Jun

So on the very eve of my first post (of my very first blog!), I tuned in the Chelsea Lately for a little late night tv.  And the guy who announces the show’s intro finished with “are we done with this cupcake thing yet?”.   WHAT?!?  Um, NO!  And what do you mean by “yet”?!   That’s like saying “isn’t this sliced bread thing old yet?”.  Cupcakes are here to stay, man.  And yeah, maybe the cupcake train is plowing full steam ahead right now, which is why I’m jumping on board to see where it takes me.

So here’s my plan- to visit as many cupcakeries, bakeries, grocery stores, etc. any place that sells cupcakes to compare, explore, indulge a wee bit, and find what I think is the tastiest cupcake.  I figure my financial situation will limit my explorations to the DC metro area (where I live) at the time being, but hopefully I’ll be able to travel and expand my experiences soon.  One fine day,  I’d like to say I search the whole COUNTRY to find the very best cupcake in AMERICA.  Let the quest begin!


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